Membership Overview

The Topeka Public Schools Equity Council is a collaborative group of individuals who are focused on the assignment of closing the racial achievement gap between minority students and other racial groups, while raising the achievement of all students, narrowing the gaps between highest and lowest performing students, and eliminating the racial predictability and disproportionality of which student groups occupy the highest and lowest achievement categories. Topeka Public Schools Equity Council members are elected or appointed to serve either a three-year term or a one-year term as described in Topeka Public Schools Equity Council by-laws.

Apply now!

The Topeka Public Schools (TPS) Equity Council is looking for new members to replace those whose term has expired. Please fill out the application form, and consider applying to one of the following positions:

Details for the applications are included on the application form.


TPS Equity Council will investigate ways in which race impacts personal and professional attitudes and behaviors. TPS Equity Council will:

  • Lead colleagues in an examination of individual and institutional culture in relation to equity and anti-racism.
  • Establish professional learning communities where adults can effectively develop skills and knowledge necessary to improve student performance and eliminate racial achievement disparities.
  • Make recommendations to TPS Board of Education around equity issues.

Expectations of Members

  • Attend and complete two days of Beyond Diversity training, provided by the district.
  • Participate in all monthly meetings. If unable to attend, notify lead facilitator.
  • Participate in standing committees and review data to make recommendations to the Board of Education.
  • Participate in ad hoc committees as appointed.
  • Help develop district staff development plan to aid in equity training.
  • Assist with development of building equity teams.
  • Other duties and training as assigned.

Council Composition

Twenty-nine voting members make up the council, made up of people from throughout the Topeka community.

One each from the following:

  • Principal, high school
  • Principal, middle school
  • Principal, elementary school
  • Teacher, high school
  • Teacher, middle school
  • Teacher, elementary school
  • Parent, high school student
  • Parent, middle school student
  • Parent, elementary school student
  • DCAC representative
  • Student, high schools (3)
  • NEA-T representative

From the following:

  • Classified, district or building (3)
  • Community/business member (9)
  • At-large position (3)
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