Archive Records

  1.  Purpose: All facilities have records that must be maintained for a specific number of years.  These records can be maintained at the facility, if space permits, or may be sent to the Service Center Warehouse for archive storage.
  2. Securing records: Records can be stored electronically with password protection in locked file cabinets or archived and secured behind locked doors.
  3. Archiving records: Records can be maintained at the facility if space permits, or sent to the Service Center Warehouse for storage.
  4. Boxing records for storage: All records must be placed in a copy paper box or an approved records storage box.  Tape boxes to secure contents and prevent tampering.
  5. Marking boxes for storage:  Please use the Archive Record Storage Form.  Mark boxes with name of building/facility, contents of records in box, destroy date and point of contact with phone number of person sending in the records.  Tape the archive form on the two short sides of each box.
  6. Pick-up for storage:  Submit a work order for the Warehouse to pick up boxes for storage.  All boxes must be properly marked and sealed or they will be returned.
  7. Warehouse responsibilities:  Drivers will notify warehouse supervisor of receipt of records and place them in the archive area for storage.
  8. Records review/request:  Review/request for records must be submitted by building administrator or designated individual.  A work order must be submitted for the removal of records from storage and delivery to its originator.
  9. Record destruction:  All boxes that meet  or exceed destroy dates will be sent to be destroyed/shredded.
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