2000 - Administration



2005 Organization Structure

2005-01 Organizational Chart

2005-01 Organization Chart- Page 2

2005-03 Organization Stucture

2010 Academic Calendar for the School Year

2010-01 Calendar for 2020-2021 School Year

2015 Contract Dates and Duty Times


2050 Complaints


2100 Attendance at Conferences, Meetings or Seminars

2100-01 Requests for Out-of-District Leave and for Reimbursement of Expenses

2100-01F01 Request for Out-of-District Leave and for Reimbursement of Expenses

2100-02 Scheduling Meetings During School Time for Building Personnel

2100-03 Request for Reimbursement for In-District Travel

2125 Nondiscriminatory Employment by Contractors


2150 Governmental Relations

2150-01 Legislative Matters

2175 Gifts to Schools

2175-01 Giving of Gifts to School

2200 Naming of District Facilities

2200-01 Naming of District Facilities

2225 Memorial Plaques on District Facilities

2225-01 Placement of Memorial Plaques In District Facilities

2250 Distribution of School Memorabilia

2250-01 Memorabilia From Closed School Facilities

2275 Loss Prevention Program

2275-01 Safety and Accident Prevention Program

2280 Use of Tobacco in District Facilities

2280-01 Use of tobacco In District Facilities

2290 Inclement Weather

2290-01 Closing School Due to Inclement Weather

2300 School Security

2300-01 Requesting Security officers and Uniformed Police officers for School Activities

2315 Traffic Regulations Enforcement on School Property


2325 Unauthorized Persons at School

2325-01 Unauthorized Persons At School

2340 Employee Identification Badges


2350 Cooperation with Law Enforcement and Juvenile Officers

2350-01 Cooperation With Law Enforcement Agencies and the Shawnee County Juvenile Court

2360 Safe Schools

2360-01 Safe Schools

2360-01F01 Safe Schools Notice

2360-01F02 Physical Assault On Staff Member Report

2360-02 Safe Schools

2375 Inspection of School District Property

2375-01 Searches of School Property, Students and Student Property

2375-02 Breathalyzer Use

2380 Use of Video or Digital Cameras


2400 Food Service Program

2400-01 Food Service Program

2425 Health Standards in School Cafeterias


2450 Lunch Procedures


2460 Wellness

2460-01 Wellness Nutrition and Physical Activity

2460-02 Wellness - School Health Council

2475 Advertising, Commercialism, Fund Raising, or Selling in the Schools

2475-01 Advertising, Commercialism, Fund-Raising, Or Selling In the Schools

2475-02 Sales Tax K.S.A. 79-3603

2485 Open Records

2485-01 Open Records

2500 Dissemination of Publications

2500-01 School Directories

2500-02 Distribution of Instructional and Administrative Materials to Outside Individuals and Agencies

2515 School Site Advisory Councils

2515-01 School Site Advisory Councils

2520 District and School Logos


2525 Community Involvement and Communications

2525-01 Submitting News Stories to the News Media

2525-02 Materials to Be Published and Distributed By the Communications Department

2525-03 Establishing Committees

2525-04 Community Advisement and Involvement Program (District Citizens Advisory Council)

2525-07 501 Vip Club

2525-08 Building-Level Communications

2525-09 Use of Board Members' Names, District Logo, and Other Standardized Information On Publications

2530 Human Relations


2535 School Relationship with Booster Clubs and other Parent Organizations


2540 Annual Operating Budget


2541 Business Office Conduct


2542 Business Office Security


2543 General Ledger and Chart of Accounts


2544 Billing Invoice


2545 Financial Controls and Fraud Prevention


2550 Construction Bid Openings


2557 Business Record Retention


2560 Payment of Claims


2570 Loss Reimbursements from Risk Management Reserve Fund

2570-01 Loss Reimbursements From Risk Management Reserve Fund

2575 Purchasing Policy

2575-01 Purchasing Procedure

2575-02 Repair-Maintenance of Instructional and office Equipment

2575-04 Capital Outlay Budgeting and Expenditures

2575-06 Use of District Vehicles

2575-07 Replacement of Equipment

2575-08 Printing Requisition (No. 8208-00)

2575-09 Disposition of Obsolete Or Surplus Materials Or Property

2575-10 Disposition of Obsolete Or Surplus Computer Systems Or Technology Equipment

2580 Internal Audit


2600 Surplus Property Acquisition

2600-01 Purchasing Supplies and Equipment From Surplus Properties With Board of Education Funds

2615 Fixed Asset Inventory

2615-01 Capitalization of Furniture and Equipment

2615-02 Fixed Asset Inventory

2625 Petty Cash

2625-01 Petty Cash Fund

2630 Use of District Credit Cards

2630-01 Use of District Credit Cards

2630-01F01 Credit Card Registration form

2630-01F02 Credit Card Authorization form

2630-01F03 Credit Card Request form

2630-01F04 User Agreement for District-Issued Credit Card

2650 Investment of District Funds

2650-01 Investing District Funds

2675 Appointment of Insurance Manager

2675-01 Appointment of Insurance Manager

2680 Appointment of Real Estate Advisor


2700 Procurement of Professional Services

2700-01 Procurement of Professional Services

2725 Rental of District Facilities

2725-01 Facilities Rental

2750 Instructional Fees

2750-01 Instructional Fees

2775 Tuition Charges

2775-01 Tuition Charges

2780 Payment by Debit or Credit Card


2800 Student Transportation

2800-01 Student Transportation

2825 Interschool Mail Delivery

2825-01 Interschool Mail Delivery

2830 Use of School District Property

2830-01 Use of School District Property

2830-02 Use of School District Athletic Equipment By Students

2830-03 Off Campus use of School Owned Computing Devices

2830-03F Student and Parent/Guardian Off Campus Devices Agreement Form

2840 Animals at School and in the Classroom

2840-01 Use of Therapy Dogs or Pet Visitation Dogs at School

2840-02 Use of Service Animals by Students or Staff at School

2850 Damage to and Theft of School Property

2850-01 Damage to and theft of School District Property

2875 Research

2875-01 Research

2900 Energy Conservation

2900-01 Energy Conservation

2910 Energy Education Management

2910-01 Energy Education Management

2930 Internet and Computer Technology Services

2930-01 Request for Information Technology Services

2930-02 Purchase of Information Technology Equipment

2930-03 Computer Passwords and Sign-Ons

2930-04 Computer Software

2930-04F01 Computer Software - Software Approval Form

2935 Acceptable Use of Computers, Computer Networks, Internet, Electronic Mail, and other Online Services

2935-01 Use of the Internet

2935-02 Combined - Contains Regulation 2935-02 and all associated Attachments.

2935-02 Computer and Electronic Security Responsibilities and Procedures for Use of the District Network, AS400 Computer System and Installed Applications

2935-02 Attachment 1 TERMS/PowerSchool Profiles

2935-02 Attachment 2 TERMS/PowerSchool Profiles by Job Title

2935-02 Attachment 3 Student Default Profiles by Job Title

2935-02 Attachment 4 Financial/Personnel Default Profiles by Job Title

2935-02 Attachment 5 Fiscal Services Default Profiles by Job Title

2935-02 Attachment 6 Human Resource Default Profiles by Job Title

2935-02 Attachment 7 Facilities/Warehouse Default Profiles By Job Title

2935-02 Attachment 8 Information Technology Default Profiles By Job Title

2935-02 Attachment 9 Fiscal Services Profiles

2935-02 Attachment 10 Request for District Network Account and Application

2935-02 Attachment 11 Terms Authorization Form

2935-02 Attachment 12 Request for Multiple TERMS Sessions Form

2935-02 Attachment 13 PowerSchool Authorization Form

2935-02 Attachment 14 Application Form for Parent PowerSchool Account

2935-02 Attachment 15 Student Permission for Parent PowerSchool Access

2935-03 Use of Social Netowrking Sites

2940 Use of Telecommunications

2940-01 Use of District Telephone and Voice Mail Systems

2945 Acceptable Use of Electronic Communication Devices


2950 Federal, State & Local Grants & Awards

2950-01 Development and Management of Grant Proposals

2960 Dismissing School for Special Events


2980 Political Activities Involving Students or School Employees

2980-01 Political Activities Involving Students Or School Employees

2990 Charter School Petition Procedures


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