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Applying to College

One of the first steps you'll take to continue your education past high school is completing an admissions application. While some applications are just one page, others are several pages and require essays and/or letters of recommendation. Most schools, colleges, and universities provide online applications, making it possible to apply at any time, day or night. Just go to the institutional website and look for the “Apply Now” button or click on the link to the admissions site.

If you are planning to apply to three or more postsecondary institutions, you may consider checking out The Common Application and/or the Common Black College Application. Both of these organizations allow you to apply to multiple institutions with only one application. The institutions may still require separate application fees and other documents, but all of the general information will be the same. Nearly 700 colleges and universities participate in The Common Application. Although the Common Black College Application currently has only 49 member institutions, you can apply to any of them at the same time for only $35.


Hoping to play college sports? All athletes interested in playing Division I and Division II sports must go through the NCAA Clearinghouse. This organization analyzes high school transcripts to ensure that all athletes are academically prepared for college. A student must complete 16 core courses (English, math, social studies, science and foreign language) plus meet ACT/SAT requirements before being cleared and becoming eligible for college sports. Athletes interested in playing NAIA sports must register through the NAIA Eligibility Center. Specific requirements can be found on the NCAA or NAIA websites and in the January edition of the College Connection Newsletter on this site. Contact your school counselor if you need more information.

Post-Secondary Exploration Guide

The Kansas Post-Secondary Exploration Guide is a resource to help Kansas high school graduates make post-secondary decisions.

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