4000 - Human Resources



4025 Equal Employment Opportunity

4025-01 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

4060 Employment Discrimination Complaints

4060-01 Documentation of Complaints Concerning Civil Rights

4065 Discrimination & Harassment: Employees


4070 Bullying


4080 Educator and Administrator Ethics


4085 Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries

4085-01 Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries

4100 Recruitment and Employment of Personnel

4100-01 Recruitment and Selection of Certified and Classified Non-Administrative Personnel

4100-02 Recruitment and Selection of Administrative Personnel

4100-03 Employment of Student Workers

4100-04 Background and Reference Checks

4110 Certification or Licensure


4120 Employment of Classified and Other Non-Administrative Personnel


4130 Employment of Administrative Personnel


4150 Employment of Substitutes

4150-01 Employment of Substitutes

4160 Nepotism


4170 Assignment of Personnel

4170-01 Assignment of Personnel

4170-02 Assignment of Summer School Coordinators

4170-03 Employee Transfers

4185 Attendance and Work Schedule


4200 Compensation and Work Assignments


4210 Compensation Distribution


4220 Exempt Employee Salary Deductions


4230 Payroll Deductions

4230-01 Payroll Deductions from Compensation of Employees

4230-02 Garnishment/Income Withholding/Tax Levy Fees

4230-03 Business Related Service Fees

4240 Tax Sheltered Annuities

4240-01 Tax Sheltered Annuities

4250 Life Insurance


4260 Insurance Coverage


4275 Professional Development Opportunities


4300 Leaves of Absence: Unpaid Leave

4300-01 Leaves of Absence

4320 Vacation or Holiday Leave

4320-01 Annual Vacations for Personnel Employed on a Twelve-Month Basis: Holidays Which Fall on Weekends

4325 Sick or Bereavement Leave and Benefits

4325-01 Hourly Deduction of Sick Leave

4330 Family and Medical Leaves


4335 Lactation Accommodations

4335-01 Lactation Accommodation

4340 Personal Leave


4350 Jury Duty and Legal Leave

4350-01 Jury Duty and Legal Leave

4400 Evaluation of Employees

4400-01 Non-Renewal of Contract

4400-02 Evaluation of Certified Personnel with a Multibuilding Assignment

4460 Reimbursement for the Loss of Personal Property

4460-01 Reimbursement to District Employees for the Damage or Loss of Personal Property

4500 Physical Examinations

4500-01 Physical Examinations

4505 Special Health Appraisal

4505-01 Special Health Appraisal

4510 Infectious Diseases

4510-01 Infectious Diseases

4510-02 Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection

4515 Blood-Bourne Pathogen Exposure Control


4525 Drug-Free Workplace Policy


4530 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Commercial Drivers


4550 Use of Tobacco by Employees

4550-01 Use of Tobacco by Employees

4560 Conflicts of Interest (Employees)

4560-01 Conflicts of Interest (Employees)

Reg 4560-01F - Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

4600 Requests for Termination

4600-01 Requests for Termination or Retirement

4600-02 Retirement

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