Quincy Signature Visual Arts Elementary School

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  • Katie

    Katie Sonderegger, Principal

    Mindy Darling, Adminstrative Assistant to Principal

    Phone: 785-235-7420

    Classrooms Open M-Th.: 8:20 a.m.-3:40 p.m.
    Late Start Fridays Classrooms Open: 9:20 a.m.-3:40 p.m.


  • Who is Quincy?

    • Quincy is one of the best kept secrets of Topeka Public Schools.  We are nestled in the heart of North Topeka, a neighborhood rich withcommunity pride, hope, and trust. The enrollment at Quincy is a family tradition with many of our students being the third generation in their family to attend the school.  The generational residents are proud of their community and are vested in increasing the quality of living for their families while preserving the proud history of North Topeka.
    • The neighborhood is currently undergoing the development of NOTO with Great Overland Station improvements.  The neighborhood community is gaining momentum through recent Stages of Resource Targeting (SORT) grant, the Safe Streets Grant, and partnerships with the NOTO Community Arts Center and district, and is supported by Topeka Public Schools as a Signature Visual Arts school.

    How we are Different - Quincy Visual Arts Elementary Signature School

    • Art is taught by a certified visual art teacher weekly. Students strengthen their creative thinking, decision making, and reasoning skills through an innovative learning experience not available in other area schools.  
    • As a Visual Arts Signature school, our priority is to teach the basic skills of reading, writing, mathematics, listening, and speaking through the arts.  Quincy students are empowered with the tools to make positive and educated choices in this ever changing fast paced world.

    Why it Matters - College and Career Ready

    • Quincy’s safe and orderly learning environment is focused on high expectations for student learning.  Enrichment opportunities are available both during the school day and in the after school program.
    • Quincy students develop the academic habits needed to be successful in middle school, high school, and college, in an age-appropriate and challenging way. All students learn about organization, study skills, communication, and self-advocacy.
    • The strong college-going culture at Quincy encourages students to think about their college and career plans. Teachers provide the academic foundation needed for college and career success.  Quincy Elementary works to close the opportunity gap before it begins.

    For a tour or more information, contact:

    1500 NE Quincy

    Topeka, KS 66608


    Roadrunner Ready means to "Be Respectful & Responsible, Engage in Learning, Encourage Others, & Persevere"

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