French Middle School

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Achieving Excellence

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  • Falcons Show Pride: 

     Perseverance:  Importance of hard work and putting forth effort

    Respect:  Recognize the rights of others to learn

    Integrity:  Imporatance of being honest, honorable, and fair

    Dedication:  Being committed and driven

    Engagement:  Being mentally, physically, and socially focused on the activity at hand

    French Middle School Mission Statement

    Engage students in the highest quality of learning.

    Prepare students for responsible, productive citizenship.

    Inspire excellence for a lifetime.

    Core Beliefs:
    In order to meet the academic, behavioral, and social needs of the students at French Middle School, we believe...
    • Every student is capable of learning and finding success.
    • Effective instruction will challenge all students.
    • A safe, positive school environment and a collaborative relationship between home and school are essential.

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