• Checklist for College Bound Seniors

    1. Take the ACT/SAT.  

    2. Take AP/Concurrent Credit classes

    3. Limit your list of colleges and apply. (Remember the November 1st priority date)

    4. Visit with college reps, go on college visits.

    5. Come get scholarship information from the counseling center or look on the scholarship tab.

    6. Complete your academic resume.

    7. Talk to the financial aid office at the college of your choice.

    8. Fill out the FAFSA.

    9. Volunteer.

    10. Take on leadership opportunities.

    11. Apply for housing early (dorms fill up)-check the refund and roommate policies.

    12. Register for AP exams.

    13. Apply, apply, apply for scholarships.

    14. Don’t develop “senioritis”—colleges can revoke admissions.

    15. Get a job and SAVE.

    16. Enjoy your SENIOR YEAR!