• Checklist for College Bound Freshmen


    1. Develop a four-year plan with your counselor and your parents.  

    2. Get involved. Go to Club Carnival, join a couple clubs. Get involved in community service, volunteer or leadership opportunities.  Pursue hobbies.

    3. Read. Start a college-bound reading program.  http://als.lib.wi.us/Collegebound.html

    4. Develop good study skills, improve your time management, and use after school tutoring.

    5. Investigate careers, through Edgenuity, the counseling center, or http://www.bls.gov/ooh/.  

    6. Get to know your teachers, they are the one you will be asking senior year to write recommendation letters.

    7. Begin keeping track of your activities and accomplishments and keeping them in an academic resume file.

    8. Save.

    9. Get good grades.