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    College Visits 2017

    Date College/University
    9/7/2017 Wichita State University (HONORS PROGRAM) 2:15 Cavalier Room
    9/13/2017 Kansas University (HONORS PROGRAM) 8:30 Cavalier Room
    9/13/17 Bethel College 2:15 Cavalier Room
    9/14/2017 Vanderbilt University 8:30 Cavalier Room
    9/14/17 Wichita State University 2:15 Cavalier Room
    9/20/17 Flint Hills Technical College 8:30 Cavalier Room
    9/20/17 Emporia State University 2:15 Cavalier Room
    9/21/17 Kansas University 8:30 Teacher's Cafeteria
    9/21/17 Newman University 2:15 Cavalier Room
    9/27/17 Bethany College 2:15 Cavalier Room
    9/28/17 Sterling College 8:30 Cavalier room
    10/4/17 Baker University 2:15 Cavalier Room
    10/5/17 Cloud County Community College 2:15 Cavalier Room
    10/11/17 KNOX College 8:30 Cavalier Room
    10/12/17 Ottawa University 8:30 Cavalier Room
    10/25/17 Truman State University 8:30 Cavalier Room
    10/25/17 Kansas State University 2:15 Cavalier Room
    10/26/17 Washburn University 2:15 Cavalier Room
    11/1/17 Allen County Community College 2:15 Cavalier Room
    11/2/17 Pittsburg State University 8:30
    Counseling Center Conference Room
    11/2/17 Friends University 2:15 Cavalier Room
    11/8/17 University of Central Missouri 2:15 Cavalier Room
    11/9/17 Kansas City Kansas Community College 2:15 Cavalier Room
    11/15/17 Fort Hays State University 8:30 Cavalier room
    12/14/17 Highland Community College 8:30 Cavalier room



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