• grimes                                

    Dr. Joy Grimes                                                
    Alternative School Principal                                                  


    Ms. Bedolla, Assistant Principal

    Ms. Sharon Bedolla                                                
    Assistant Principal                                                  


  • The Topeka Public Schools Virtual School is open to all Kansas districts in order to build a lasting partnership for the betterment of Kansas students and families. KSDE partnered with Topeka Public Schools to extend the virtual school to offer an elementary virtual program using Kansas state standards to any Kansas scholar.

    Elementary and secondary students have been highly successful using a virtual school aligned to Kansas Standards. TPS offers virtual education to elementary, middle and high school students currently and in 2021 any Kansas student may enroll in K-12.

    Virtual School
    TPS utilizes a KSDE-approved curriculum focusing on Kansas State Standards that prepares students for academic achievement and post-secondary opportunities. The program is staffed with highly qualified and certified educators ready to offer virtual academic support, in-person tutoring, SPED support, ELL support, and social-emotional learning.  
  • Enrollment Process

    High School (19 and younger)

    1. Complete Student Interest Notification form.

    2. Parents complete enrollment through TylerSIS and attend one Orientation Session

    3. Students attend TWO 6-hour sessions

      • First Session - Sept. 9 - Sept 18
      • Second Session - Sept 21 – Oct 2

    Adults (20 years and older)

    1. Complete online enrollment through TylerSIS

    2. Official transcript submitted

    3. Attend one Orientation Session  


     To enroll in Avondale Virtual you may also call 730-8366 or 730-8350 to make an appointment.


    Course Fee Structure

    Partnering District will purchase individual or group spaces in the TPS Virtual School at the following price schedule (Not applicable to Topeka Public Schools students or students within a district that has already purchased individual or group spaces):
    1. Individual Pricing

      1. $3,000 for 7 credit hours (14 classes/year  or 7 classes/semester)

      2. $225 per .5 credit/semester class

    2. Advance Purchase Group Pricing

      1. 6 Seat Plan – 10% Discount ($1,800 Savings)

      2. 10 Seat Plan – 15% Discount ($4,500 Savings)


    A $50 Chromebook fee will be assessed for students outside of Topeka Public Schools.    
  • Virtual School Brochure

  • The TPS Virtual Program:

    • Provides an opportunity to engage students on a virtual platform.
    • Creates a pathway for increased global citizenship and experience in a web-based career.

    Some Services we Provide:

    • Increased graduation rate and decreased drop-out rates
    • Ability to track TPS students and assist them along their virtual journey
    • Increase the boundaries of traditional schooling to reach into the community

    Support for Parents and Community:

    • Flexible scheduling of on-line learning allows students of all ages to complete a high school diploma at their own pace.
    • Virtual curriculum offers the same high standard curriculum through a different delivery method
    • Enables learners to capture concepts without the barriers of work and home schedules.