Welcome to Student Services

  • How we support Topeka Public Schools

    The Student Services Team:

    • Topeka Public Schools believes in the development of the whole child, socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically, and spiritually.
    • Together we support and challenge students along their individual developmental journey through advocacy, resourcing, and providing the right opportunities for growth.

    Support for Schools

    Some Services we provide:

    • Ensure school attendance is given a comprehensive and systematic focus through data consults, interventions, and court liaisons.
    • Provide a fair and impartial discipline hearing process to ensure consequences are in the best interest of students while balancing the safety and efficient functioning of schools.
    • Provide alternative learning environments to meet individual student needs.
    • Identify and provide basic needs and resources for students.
    • Foster a climate of student achievement through a healthy school community.

    Support for Parents and Community

    The Student Service Staff is dedicated to assist TPS partrons in finding the right resources needed for an individual educational journey. The  Staff  will help to create a community of caring by parterning with local agencies to address needs beyond the walls of the school.

Dr. Joy Grimes
  • Dr. Joy Grimes

    Alternative School Principal