• Welcome to our school! Topeka West has many amazing things to offer our students and we can not wait to share all of those wonderful things with you! Below you will find videos and presentations put together but several of our departments, highlighting what they do best.


    Recording of the live parent night session: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MMVMvh-my3x6ipDHVHd8I7P0FstcI1vf/view?usp=sharing

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    KSHSAA Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation Form – NEW VERSION!


    The KSHSAA pre-participation physical exam form has been updated based on the most recent edition of the PPE: Preparticipation Physical Evaluation, 5th Edition publication.  The updated edition was developed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and other supporting organizations. 


    We request schools begin using this new form which can be found at:



    Medical Eligibility Page:  This is the biggest change to be aware of regarding the new form.  This is a new page at the end of the PPE paperwork that requires a second signature from the healthcare provider AND the parent/guardian.  This page contains the student-athlete clearance, and parental consent for participation and emergency treatment.  For a PPE to be valid when submitted to the school, healthcare providers are now required to sign two different places on the form (page 3 and page 4).


    Signature Requirements:

    Healthcare providers must provide 2 signatures.  Page 3 (physical exam page) and page 4 (medical eligibility page) both require the provider’s signature.


    Parents/guardians must provide 3 signatures.  Page 2 (health history page), page 4 (medical eligibility page) and page 5 (eligibility checklist).


    Spanish Version:  http://www.kshsaa.org/Public/PDF/FORM-PPE(Spanish).pdf. 

    A cover/instruction page is included with the PPE form outlining the requirements for each entity involved with this process.  The current KSHSAA PPE form can always be found on the KSHSAA website at the above address. 



    I would like to welcome any athlete interested in playing soccer to join us in the summer.  Men’s and Women’s athletes with any amount of experience can play.  My name is Coach Kutter and  I am looking forward to meeting you and celebrating every chance we get to practice and play soccer.  I would also like to encourage you to join the summer program for the activities you are going to participate in.  Whether it is Soccer or another sport, the summer will set you up for success in the fall.

    Summer Schedule:  Men’s and Women’s athletes are invited to all summer soccer activities!

    June 1st- July 17: weights and conditioning,  Mondays- Thursdays 1:00PM- 2:00PM

        Kick-arounds Tuesdays-Thursdays 6:00PM- 8:00PM

    Remember July 2nd- 8th there will not be any school sponsored workouts, KSHSAA Summer Moratorium

    July 20th-30th: Mondays- Thursdays weights and conditioning 1:00PM- 2:00PM

    Keep in mind the schedule is subject to change and I will do my best to share any changes as the information becomes available.

    If you would like to schedule individual or small group training, please let me know.  I am always willing to schedule more time for athletes willing to work hard to improve.  Goalkeepers who would like more position specific training contact me to schedule individual or small group training.

    Contact information:

    School email: jkutter@tps501.org

    Twitter:  @twestsoccer

    Google Voice Text or Call:  (785)289-8192

    Players who share that they are interested will also be invited to my google classroom.  I use the classroom as a communication tool, as well as share information and possible training resources.


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