2020 Distinguished Staff Award Nominations Are Now Closed

    2020 Distinguished Staff Award Recipients 

    Building Leader - Dr. Laura Lyons, Topeka High School 

    Certified Support Staff - Sheila McDonald, Robinson Middle School 

    Classified Support Staff - Gail Ramirez, Bishop Professional Development Center 

    Custodial - Jacob Grindol, Topeka High School 

    District Administrator - Dr. Beryl New, Burnett Center 

    Elementary Teacher - Keisha Cross, Ross Elementary School 

    First Year Elementary - Meredith Royston, State Street Elementary 

    First Year Secondary - Taylor Sharp, French Middle School 

    Food Service - Rebeka LaClair, Whitson Elementary School 

    High School Teacher - Eric Bradshaw, Topeka High School 

    Middle School Teacher - Joan Valburg, Capital City High School 

    Office Personnel - Melinda (Mindy) Darling, Quincy Elementary School 

    Operations - Kelly Roberts, Avondale Academy 

    Paraprofessional - Keri Martens, French Middle School


    The Distinguished Staff Award selection committee is no longer accepting nominations for the 2020 Distinguished Staff Award (DSA). We thank you for your nominations. The DSA is the highest award that a Topeka Public Schools staff member can receive. You can nominate an outstanding staff member by clicking here to fill out the official nomination form.

    A Topeka Public Schools staff member will be chosen as a winner in the following categories:

    • First-Year Elementary Teacher
    • First-Year Secondary Teacher
    • Building Leader
    • Classified Support Staff
    • Certified Support Staff
    • Custodian
    • Paraprofessional
    • Elementary School Educator
    • Middle School Educator
    • High School Educator
    • Office Personnel
    • Food Service
    • Operations
    • District Administration