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     The Topeka community is coming together to help address homeless among families. At the Kansas Housing Conference in Topeka Superintendent, Dr. Tiffany Anderson, Rev. Barry Feaker of the Rescue Mission and Mayor De La Isla came together to share a pilot initiative underway in Topeka. 
    Topeka Public Schools, the City of Topeka and the Topeka  Rescue Mission are looking to pilot a systematic approach to eliminating chronic child homelessness in Topeka.  The pilot is a project that is based a model focused on decreasing homelessness.  Topeka will have the opportunity to work with consultants who have decreased homelessness by over 50 percent in their community, to help replicate their success in Topeka.  
    Child homelessness has been a focus of our community leaders, as they have dedicated much of their work to ending homelessness in youth throughout their careers. 
    Leaders in the hotel and housing areas are strongly encouraged to become involved and learn more about what could happen in Topeka. All Shawnee County school districts, social service agencies and supporters of Topeka are encouraged to join the Call to Action campaign which will be formally kicked off in November. More details on the campaign will be shared at a later date. 
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