How to Apply

  • To apply for any job with Topeka Public Schools, you must visit the Job Opportunities site to pick the position you'd like to apply for and complete your application online.

    Online Application Instructions

    The following documents provide step-by-step instructions about how to use our online application process:

    Applicant Requirements

    All employees are required to pass certain requirements for employment with Topeka Public Schools. These requirements are made for the best interest and welfare of the students in our care, regardless of whether a given position involves direct contact with students. You are not required to pass these requirements to be considered for employment, but you must pass before you will be hired or can continue employment.

    • Pass a physical exam and a Tuberculosis test

      All employees of the school district are required to submit a certification of health (see below), signed by a licensed medical doctor, to show that there is no evidence of physical condition that would conflict with the health, safety, or welfare of the pupils. This physical may have been performed anytime within one year before employment or up to 30 days after employment.

      Because of the highly infectious nature of Tuberculosis, you will not be allowed to report for duty before showing proof of freedom from tuberculosis by chest x-ray or negative TB skin test. These tests can be performed at the time of your physical exam (if performed before reporting to duty) or if you already have a current physical, they may be provided by several medical centers in Topeka (see below).

    • Pass a background check

      If you are selected for hire and complete all required paperwork and records verification, you will be provisionally appointed to the position - subject to receipt and review of your criminal history records from the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (including fingerprinting, if you have not lived in Kansas continuously for the past 10 years), and any records from the Child Abuse Central Registry of the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. The records will be requested as soon as you are selected for hire and the reports may not return to USD 501 before your duty date. Your provisional employment may be terminated in the event of an unsatisfactory report from the KBI or SRS.

    Certification Requirements

    Applicants for Certified positions must meet Kansas State Department of Education certification requirements.

    For information about certification or licensure:

    Requirements for Paraprofessional Applicants

    The No Child Left Behind Federal Legislation requires that any applicant being considered for a paraprofessional position in any USD #501 Title I funded school (all USD #501 elementary schools, Chase Middle School and Eisenhower Middle school) must have completed two (2) years (48 credit hours) at an institution of higher education, accredited by the State of Kansas. College transcripts must be on file before the applicant will be considered for one of these positions.


    Applicants must pass a state-approved test. The test is administered at the Burnett Administrative Center, Human Resources Department. Contact the human resources department at 785-295-3088 for details.

    * Note that no college hours or State-approved test is required for substituting as a paraprofessional.

    Transfer Information

    If you would like to complete transfer paperwork, please contact Human Resources for the form at 295-3088.