• Avondale Academy Purpose: New Beginnings

    Through a safe and enriching environment, the staff at Avondale encourages students to develop behaviors, relationships and values that promote success in our communities. 


    • Learning is an active process.

    • Learning links new information with prior knowledge.

    • Learning requires various forms of language.

    • Learning is influenced by state, social interactions interpersonal relations and communication with others.

    • Learners need multiple opportunites to practice in supportive, respectful environments.

    • Learners need regular, specific and timely feedback with opportunities to use the feedback to maximize learning experiences.

    • Learners reflect, monitor and adjust their thinking and reasoning to achieve their goal

    Avondale offers three other alternative programs for students who need support: The Academy. Virutal school & DaySchool programs. For more information on all of these programs, please click on the DEPARMENTS link located on the Avondale Academy homepage.