• Upcoming Events:

    Virtual College & Career Fair - January 20th & 21st, 2021 - "On the attached document click on the organization name that you are interested in learning more about. A link will appear for you to register and meet with them."

    Junior Reviews

    Juniors, please contact your counselor to set up your appointment. Counselors will be going over vital college and career information as well as senior enrollment information so it is very important that you meet with your counselor!!!

    Brooke Mulford Division 1 A-G


    Jackie Van Petten Division 2 H-K


    LaShawna Harris Division 2 L-O


    Megan Sturm Division 3 P-Z



    Success Tips - The end of the first semester is January 29th.


    Success Tips


    Washburn Tech - Healthcare Tech Scholarship - Due January 22nd - Limited scholarships so apply asap!