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    Starting next week, meal distribution will again move to Wednesdays at Chase from 11a-12 noon and 3:15-5:15 pm.  Please see the attached flyer for more information.
    Meal Distribution Spanish
    Beginning on Monday, October 12th, Chase will be offering extra support for all students after school in the Chase Tutoring Academy. There is no charge for this tutoring. This after school support will be offered Monday and Thursday after school from 3-5 pm. Two certified teachers and one paraeducator will be working to support students in person and online (100% remote and Group A) to help complete assignments, answer questions and provide content support for all classes. Students can attend in person or on Zoom. Please contact Chase at 295-3840 if you are interested in your student participating in this opportunity. We have 30 spots available so don't delay and call us soon!
    Because of COVID, Chase does not have an Activity Bus this year.  Transportation will not be provided at 5 pm.  HOWEVER, Parents can pick up their students at 5 pm OR BEFOREHAND.  Participation on Zoom is also an option.  
    Dear Parents and Students - 
    Per new Shawnee County Health Department Guidance found in the document below, we will specifically require the following with regard to TYPES OF MASKS used by staff and students while in the Chase building:

    Acceptable, or recommended, face coverings will: 

    • Completely cover both the mouth and nose; 

    • Fit snugly, but comfortably against the sides of the face; 

    • Be secured with ties or loops; 

    • Made of cloth and include two or three tightly woven layers of material; 

    • Allow for breathing without restrictions; 

    • Can be washed and machine dried without damage or change to the shape of the mask;

    • Include the use of disposable paper or surgical masks. 

    Unacceptable face coverings include: 

    • Gaiters; 

    • Bandanas; and 

    • Masks with valves or vents


    We have some students who are wearing bandana/scarf types with ADDITIONAL FACE MASK UNDERNEATH.  This is acceptable.  We do have staff and students who also DOUBLE UP their face masks and also wear face shields in addition to the cloth or surgical masks.  
    If students need a cloth face mask, we have them available.  
    Thank you for helping to keep all students and staff safe at Chase Middle School.
    Kelley Norman, Principal
    Robert Gay, Assistant Principal
    Chase Middle School




    The Chase Way
    · Be Respectful
    · Be Responsible 
    · Be Compassionate 
    · Be Self-Aware
    A traves de la implementacion del Sistema de Soporte (TTSS), todo el personal quiara a los estudiantes para que tengan exito en su alto potencial, academicamentw, socialmente y emocionalmente.
    Nosostros Enseñaremos, Practicaremos  y Asistiremos a los estudiantes guiandolos para alcanzar su alto potencial academinamente, socialmente y emocionalmente.
    El Camino de Chase
    Ser Respetuoso
    Ser Responsable
    Ser Compasible
    Ser Auto-Conciente
    There is a new app out there for iPhones and Androids called the "Topeka Area Guide." It has almost all the area resources that are available to families.

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