• Killing November by Adriana Mather

    Posted by Lisbeth White on 8/1/2019

    Killing November cover

    From Goodreads: It’s a school completely off the grid, hidden by dense forest and surrounded by traps. There’s no electricity, no internet, and an eye-for-an-eye punishment system. Classes include everything from Knife-Throwing and Poisons to the Art of Deception and Historical Analysis. And all of the students are children of the world’s most elite strategists—training to become assassins, counselors, spies, and master impersonators. Into this world walks November Adley, who quickly discovers that friends are few in a school where personal revelations are discouraged and competition is everything. When another student is murdered, all eyes turn to November, who must figure out exactly how she fits into the school’s bizarre strategy games before she is found guilty of the crime…or becomes the killer’s next victim. 

    Ms. White's take: Throw an unsupecting girl into the middle of a super secret school full of other students who are WAY better at playing the subtle game of keeping BIG secrets, and see how well she does. Well, if it's November Adley, she's not the best but she'd definitely keeping up. Add in the issue of her somehow being caught up in the middle of some sort of plot that has students being murdered, and things are getting very interesting! I loved this one, and I'm looking foward to getting my hands on the sequel!

    Ms. White's Rating:five stars

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