• Library Media Services

    The mission of the Topeka Public Schools Library Media Program is to empower all students and staff to be effective users of information and information technology in order to communicate ideas and solve problems in an ever-changing world, and to foster life-long literacy.

    This will improve student achievement, foster literacy, produce technologically astute students and nuture life-long learning. 

    All regular schools within the Topeka Public Schools have library media centers with material collections developed to meet the needs of the individual school. There is an emphasis on good books for children to read, on nonfiction books with current information and on materials and digital resources to support classroom teacher needs. Hope Street Academy and Capital City Schools have smaller library media center collections.

    Access to school library collections and Internet resources is provided through Destiny, the library manager system. The library system icons for both your school and the entire district appear in the “Reference-Library” folder of your Novell delivered applications window. The library system provides title, author, subject, keyword and location information for books and websites as well as “One Search” which searches our paid, research databases.

    Access to online research databases is also provided in the same applications folder, as well as on the “home page” of District Media Center.

    Staffing varies, depending on the size and level of the school, from one half-time library media specialist at some of the smaller elementary schools to two library media specialists at Topeka High’s library media center.

    The Library Media Services curriculum, aligned with the KCCR standards, is coordinated with the individual subject area curriculums and when possible instruction is integrated with classroom activities.  A five-step information problem solving model is used to guide students toward being effective users of information.

    Several district-wide support services are provided by the Media Services central office. These include professional library research services, elementary literature sets, etc.