• The purpose of the Green Energy and Environmental Science pathway is to introduce students to the concepts of energy and environmental science and to expose them to opportunities related to these fields. The students will explore energy sources, conventional and alternative. They will investigate efficiency strategies and analyze how these strategies affect energy usage. Additionally, students will analyze the environmental impact of different designs. Students will develop research skills, interpersonal and leadership skills and make professional connections that will contribute to future success in the workplace.

    Student research will include academic and practical application components. They will identify stakeholders and collaborate with local community resources such as Topeka, Shawnee County Riverfront Authority, Westar Energy, Topeka Housing Authority and Topeka Public Works. Their work will have applications beyond the classroom, such as alternative lighting for a park or architectural design that emphasizes resource efficiency and sustainability.

    Courses include:  Energy Industry Fundamentals, Environmental Science, Alternative Energy, Wind Energy, and Project Management & Resource Scheduling