• Credit/No Credit

    Topeka Public Schools Regulation  6150-1

    1. All students who are enrolled in the district-approved minimum course load (or more) may elect one of those subjects each semester on a credit/no credit basis. EXCEPTION: Any senior may elect one subject on a credit/no credit basis either semester without being enrolled in the district-approved minimum course load.
    2. A maximum of three (3) credits taken on the credit/no credit plan will be counted toward graduation.
    3. Students electing a subject on a credit/no credit basis will have the same attendance and academic requirements as all other students enrolled in the subject. The minimum Standard for the lowest passing grade will be the determining factor for credit in the course.
    4. Students electing this option will be required to indicate their decision, in writing, not later than the sixth week of the semester. A form for this request will be provided. Parental consent must be given and will be so indicated by the parent's signature on the request form.
    5. The entry on the student's transcript will be indicated as "credit" or "no credit" with appropriate credit noted and will not be counted in computing the student's grade point average.
    6. Once the student has declared a subject to be taken on the credit/no credit basis, the decision is irrevocable.

    **Note:  The Kansas Board of Regents Curriculum does not recognize credit/no credit.  The NCAA Eligibility Center will compute credit/no credit as a “D.”

    The deadline for requesting Credit/No Credit is the end of the sixth week of the semester.


    Visit your Counselor to get an application for Credit/No Credit.